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Apr 07, 2011

Hi, I am interested in finding out how I can turn off the black  title bar in Engage? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Gibson 68

Good to know! As for the latter possibility, I am not understanding how that would work. Would you mind clarifying a bit for me?

I am a graphic designer who works mostly in Flash, knows a little AS, just enough to be dangerous, and am trying to get my head around the Articulate programs and what is feasible to create more visually pleasing courses for my clients. BTW: I really appreciate your time. Thanks!

Phil Mayor

you publish the engage for web, then insert the engage. swf from the published folder using the articulate insert flash function. You can resize the swf and push it slightly of the screen to obscure the menu bar

After publishing your project you need to add the engage_content folder (from the published engage folder to the data/swf folder of your published articulate project.

You also need to rename the engage_content folder to fm_engage_content so articulate can find it.

If you want to add more than one engage this way you need to rename them I normally just add a number corresponding to the slide number e.g. engage21.swf (remember to rename the content folder as well e.g. fm_engage21_content respectively.

Tom and David have done tutorials on this for more info

Hope this helps


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