Engage '09 interactions not working in Google Chrome

Just recently my interactions no longer work for my courses when accessing them using Google Chrome as the browser (work fine in Internet Explorer).  This just started happening.  When you click on the slide with interaction you just get a "circling" icon, but the interaction never appears.  Anyone experience this?  Is there a solution?  Thanks. 

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Megan Creegan

Tom, just out of curiosity, do you use Saba for your LMS? I'm starting to think this is a browser/LMS issue because I tested in SCORM Cloud (same course) and the Engage interactions work in both Chrome and IE. But if you run the same course from our LMS (Saba) using Chrome, Engage interactions are freezing, but they work in IE.... just trying to isolate the issue.

Tom  Davenport

Megan, what issue are you experiencing in Quiz maker as it relates to IE?  We have a problem where when you click on the "finish" button after the quiz it does not advance from there.  Not sure why that is happening either.  We are being told by our web developer that it is a flash technology issue.  

Megan Creegan

Louise Hawkins said:

Has there been any news on this? I'm also receiving a few reports of some Engage 09 screens not working in Chrome, they have Flash too. Our LMS is Moodle.

Louise, is your issue with just the labeled graphic interactions? Seems like those are the ones that are causing issues for us. 

Megan Creegan

Thanks Louise. We're still having these problems company-wide and I'm using the same version of flash ( Do you have both versions of flash enabled? If you go to chrome://plugins, you should see 2 listed. Also, what version of Chrome are you using? I just updated to the latest version: 33.0.1750.152...

Louise H

It is... the last update fixed it for some users but not others. No consistency with Engage type, computer operating system (reports from both Macs and Windows). I haven't been able to replicate on my PC yet though!

Users have previously been able to view content fine, so is only something very recent.