Engage 13 Glossary won't publish in Presenter 13 module

G'day and greetings from South Australia. I am using Studio 13 Pro and spent well over a 70+ hours of hard work building a 700+ term glossary in Engage for many of my planned modules on the subject of online learning.  You can see it published as a stand alone interaction at  http://tinyurl.com/LETGlossary  It is a valuable resource for teachers not up to speed on the terms of technology enhanced learning.

I think that there is a bug in Presenter 13.  It will not publish with the Engage Glossary loaded in either as a slide or as I planned, in the global tab of the interface. I tried in this module  http://tinyurl.com/padwheelintroILM  as well as trying a clean empty Powerpoint File

Has anyone got any wisdom as to what might be happening .... I am not prepared to surrender all that effort.  I hope this can be sorted quickly I have need of the finished module in Hong Kong in 5 days time



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allan,

Thanks for sharing both your published links here. Can you tell us a bit more about what happens when you try to insert the Engage Glossary into Presenter? Does it freeze the course or just not get added? Since you've been able to publish the Engage interaction by itself, it doesn't seem that the size would be causing a problem. Would you be able to include the published one as a web object? 

I tested a (much smaller) Glossary within a Presenter file as a slide or as a tab, and everything published successfully. 

Allan Carrington

Hi Ashley

Thanks for responding to my cry for help.  Your suggestion is an interesting one and set off a number of changes in an attempt to get an exemplar for the hundred of people who may look at this next week in Hong Kong.  Sadly we dont yet have an ideal solution.  I am confident enough to say now that I believe Articulate Studio Presenter 13 has a bug or a limit in it to the number of entries (therefore the size) of an engage glossary object.  Here is what I have done and discovered since your message.
  • Naturally the ideal solution and position for any glossary is a global link/button on the top right hand of the interface.  This way users can check something out as they progress through the module ... not possible with my glossary.  It actually wont embed as the powerpoint/articulate is publishing.  The progress line gets to about 150 out of 700+ entries and crashed the publish.
  • I have actually done what you suggested and it is a possibility. At first I thought positioning it in a slide was clumsy design for a glossary. Then on reflection of how the Presenter 13 module works on an iPad I thought OK if it was working then there is a good reason for putting it as a slide.  There is no global buttons on the iPad player - I think that's correct?
  • So faced with the fact that this module is ALL about iPads then it is important to get it as user friendly as possible on an iPad because most of the audience will probably want to see it from this device. So I added a Resources Available slide at the end and linked to the literature etc from the slide.  I also pointed a web object to the Engage Glossary published online.  It works and looks OK on a PC/MAC computer 
  • But sadly another behavour has surfaced that is limiting.  When the slide loads the online glossary it looks for the player and cant find it ... so the iPad users cant see the Glossary like this anyway  :-(
  • The revised presentation is on the same link. Please visit http://tinyurl.com/padwheelintroILM
More Help please?  
  1. I can and will give you a link to download the Engage file itself if you contact me by email. I really want to see this fixed for the future.  The pedagogies possible for a good glossary are significant.
  2. Is there any quick fixes please I can do so that the participants of two conferences and eight Hong Kong universities can see a workable module on their tablets next week?

Looking forward to your reply .... soon