Engage '13 only loading/playing last FAQ interaction out of many

Jan 20, 2014

Past user of Studio '09/Storyline, just upgraded to Studio '13 a few days ago. I specifically upgraded because of the enhanced Engage features and ability to have more control over player window size for the project I am working on now. Unfortunately it has been nothing but problems...

I have a base image in my PPT file (a map image) and have created transparent overlay boxes over elements of the image. Each box is hyperlinked to a specific engage FAQ file. Collectively there are to be 35 engage files in the presentation. I have been developing and testing, with only a few FAQs loaded (anywhere from 3 to 9 for testing), on publish the presentation only loads one of the FAQ files and all hyperlinks on the image point to that same FAQ file. All of the FAQs that should be there show up listed in the menu, but when you try to click on the menu name directly it still opens up only the single FAQ file. I have moved files in and out. Deleted and re-added. It is not an issue with one file over the other. They all have this happen to it. The only FAQ that loads and links successfully is whatever FAQ is last on the menu list. The rest are all listed but not really there.

When I test the hyperlinks before publishing in the PPT file they all point to the correct files. For some reason studio is only loading one FAQ file (and its always the last in the series only).

I need help - I am supposed to be releasing this soon and don't understand why Studio '13 is behaving this way. I am publishing to Articulate Online (but also tested with a local CD publish and same things happens.) I am working on my C drive and all files are stored locally. I have renamed all Engage files to remove any special characters and spaces as suggested elsewhere - but nothing is working!

Thanks you for any help provided!

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Jeannie Renn

After searching through many posts in the forum I read one that indicated in  Engage '13 there is an issue where if you use the "save as" feature to create another interaction it will cause irregular behavior and slide navigation. I think that was the issue as I used the "save as" feature to create almost all my FAQs since I had to build 35 of them and it was using very customized set-ups. I rebuilt three of them from scratch, not duplicating them and now they are hyperlinking, and loading of the files does seem to be working so that is likely the issue. The help notice I read indicated that this is a known issue and will be addressed in a later release.

It would have been really nice to know that the "save as" feature should not be used before I spent days building 35 of them, and now need to rebuild them all individually again. I hope anyone else planning to use multiple interactions in a file sees this so no one is using the "save as" feature and ends up having to rebuild like I am.


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