Engage 13 saved filed dates inconsistent

Jan 24, 2014


Just switched over to Studio 13 and working on Engage interactions, finding that when I make a change on an Engage file, the powerpoint Engage slide records that I made a change  by updating the last time I saved the Engage file, but in my powerpoint folder on my desktop, it does not update it.

What's up??

Attached file to show example.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rebecca!

I did a little test on my end to see if I could re-create what you shared. 

I opened Powerpoint, clicked to edit in QM (quickest example that I had), clicked Save and Return to Presenter, saved Presentation.

When I checked my files, the PPT file had been updated, but not the QM file (as you're reporting). 

I did another test because I didn't actually make any changes the first time

Second pass: Open PPT, clicked to edit in QM, edited slide, clicked Save and Return to Presenter, saved Presentation and the files all had the same date/time stamp as I expected.

Additional test: Open PPT, publish presentation, then check files. PPT file updated again with new date/time stamp and QM remained the same.

Is this causing an issue for you or are you just trying to keep track? 

Rebecca Mac

Thanks Leslie,

It was causing an issue, because if the time stamp doesn't always change it is harder to look at the list of fies and know what was updated easily. But also, I'm quite sure that I made changes to a couple of the Engage files and it didn't seem to hold the changes after I saved and went back to Presenter. I will have to play with it again, but it seemed to happen more than once.

Rebecca Mac

I retested this, specifically working in the Engage Folders interaction. I had an image on one of the Engage slides and deleted it. I did a
Save and Return to Presenter. The time stamp on the Engage ppt slide changed, but it did not change within the powerpoint folder.

When I reopened the engage file, it had saved my change, however.

Makes for confusion. Assume this is a glitch?

Rebecca Mac

No. I have worked on files for the last few days and did a test publish yesterday. They all have old dates on them.

The bigger problem right now is that after doing a bunch of quizmaker changes yesterday, some actually saved and some did not (regardless of the time stamp. This happened to another designer working on separate files as well. He did a lot of changes and when he opened the ppt, it showed the thumbnail with the changes, but when he actually opened the quizmaker files they changes weren't there.

There is definitely some glitch!! Help please!!

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