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May 06, 2014

Hi - I have three question that I have not been able to figure out when working with the new zoom interaction in engage 13.  

#1, is there a way to make the intro info text box smaller .  I only have a paragraph of text in my intro and now too much text box.  Also is there a way to add an outline to the text box? (okay so thats 1.5 questions) 

#2, is there a way to change the color and/or transparency of the clickable hotspot/zoom areas  and remove the dashed lines around them? (okay another .5 of a question added) 

#3, when the zoom selection area is clicked the text box that opens is very small, and the learner then needs to scroll to read the text.  This was not the image size shown in on the elearning heroes page that showed the sample of the zoom interaction with the new interactions.  I would like the text box to take up most of the screen (and this is more of the text box size I wanted my intro text box to be...) 

please help.

Thanks much,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandra!

I am not aware of a way to change the size of the text box or add an outline to the introduction. The colors are built into the themes and are mostly editable, but the dashed lines are part of the interaction. As far as what happens when clicked, that is not the behavior that I'm seeing, and I'm seeing what you are expecting and the text window is the same as my introduction box. Would you be able to share your .intr file so that we can have a look? If you cannot share it here in the forums, you are welcome to share it here.


I'm finding the need to make the "clickable hotspot zoom area" transparent as well. The grey boxes just detract from my images too much. Has anyone submitted this as a feature request? In my case, the grey boxes make the interaction unusable. If I could make them 100% transparent or have just an outline, it would be very useful.

Would love to hear if anybody comes up with an alternative.

Thank you,

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