Engage - 2 different interaction with same name?

Feb 01, 2012


I have one English Powerpoint with some Engage interactions and I need to

to make a French Powerpoint after with the same interactions but translated in


What I did is the following; I copied the entire English folder into the French folder

and then I started to translate the English copied version into French.

But everytime I modify an Engage interaction, it's changing both interaction (French & English).

I think it's because both interaction have the same name but they are in different folder?

Is it a rule with Engage? You can't have 2 interaction with the same name, even in a different folder?

Thank you

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Jocelyn!

Per David Burton from this previous thread:

"Because the Engage player does not contain labels, all text modification is applied directly to the interaction field inputs.


In regard to modifying the actual content text, this conversion must be done by you. There is no automated function within the Articulate Studio '09 applications that will convert the content language for you.


1. To get you started, it's best to create new folders with names representing each language and perform a Save As from Presenter/PowerPoint. A Save As will allow you to rename the project and move to one of these new folders while maintaining the link between the Presenter project file (.ppta) and the PowerPoint file (.pptx, .ppt or .pptm). You should never copy and paste or rename  Presenter/PowerPoint file outside of PowerPoint.


2. For Engage Interactions (.intr) and Quizmaker quizzes(.quiz) a simple copy and paste will do and will not break any links in your project as long as the original files remain in their originating directory.


3. Once you have created copies of your Presenter/PowerPoint projects and  Engage/Quizmaker files, every interaction and quiz link inserted into a Presentation would need to be updated. A quick way to update these links is outlined in the unsupported method below.


How to quickly replace alternate versions of your Engage interactions inside a Articulate Presenter '09 project.:


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