Engage 2013 into Storyline

Hi. I am not a pro or real accomplished. Here are a couple of areas where I am struggling. I am working with Storyline 2 on a Windows 10 PC. I was trying an experiment with Engage, I have Studio 2013. I saved the interaction three ways:

The basic Engage interaction; the Engage interaction published; and I did a screen shot filming the preview interaction with Camtasia studio.

I then imported each into Storyline on three different slides, and published the Storyline file. It does not seem to want to play.

I was attempting to determine the best format for bringing Engage files into Storyline.  My storyline 2 presentation is in 16:9 format. Engage seems to be in 4:3. Is there either a way to change Engage to 16:9 or to import it that way?

I suspect I can always take the Engage presentation into Camtasia studio and reformat to 16:9, that seems like a couple of extra steps and a lot of work.

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