Engage 2013 - Tabbed Interaction doesn't show all tabs

I am updating a course that worked correctly in Articulate 09.  Today when I opened the Engage that was created in "09, I could not read the text on the tabs.  The formatting and colors are completely different.  I'm attaching screen shots of the old and new.  I'm really disappointed that the original version did not carry over to this course.  Although a "backup" was created, is there any chance that the "backup" will have the correct data?  And, if so, how to I use it?

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Joyce Hensen

It appears that my Word doc won't open as a word document.  I'm inserting this picture instead.  Hopefully someone will be able to help me make this file work for Engage 2013.  I need to post the updated course (must re-record 2 slides and switch a couple graphics) later this week.  If I'm going to have to start over from scratch, I need to know soon.  ~ Thanks.

Joyce Hensen

I was able to get all of the buttons to show by changeing the "header type" to none on the Colors and Effects tab for Interaction Properties.  The buttons still have the text left justified and I don't see a control that would let me change that.  Also, the buttons are "flat" looking instead of "shiny" like the original ones.  If someone knows how to make the buttons look like they did before, please chime in. 

Mike Taylor

Hi Joyce, thanks for sharing the solution here for others. Glad to see that things are working now. Unfortunately, part of the Engage '13 update includes the "flat" design elements and there isn't any way to create the "shiny" ones anymore. As for the text alignment on the tabs, that has also changed in the new version.  Like before it is hard coded, just now it is left aligned instead of in the center. 

Controlling the alignment of the tab text would make a good feature request, which you can submit here