Engage and Quizmaker, changes are not being saved properly.

Apr 05, 2014


I am not sure if some one has already noticed and reported this issue. I could not find any thing related to this on the forum. I recently did a Studio 13 project a few weeks ago and just yesterday found a very weird problem. 

The problem that I am facing is this My project has some PPT Slides, around 5 Engage Interaction, and 3 Quizmaker files. I made some simple text changes a few weeks ago. I did that by opening each file from within the PPT. I saved each file then published the whole project. The published version had all the changed I made. That showed, changes were done properly.

Yesterday, for some reasons, I opened one of the Engage Interaction directly (not within ppt) and I was surprised to see the last changes I made were not there. I opened the other Engage Interactions and Quizmaker files and found the same issue. All changes made were not there. The file modified date also scared me as it was not reflecting the date that last changes were made.

However, I opened the main PPT and opened each engage interaction and quizmaker file, and the changes were there. That means if I open interactions and quizzes from PPT, I can see the changes. But of I open these files directly, I don't see the changes. So where are these changes being saved? Are these changes being saved somewhere in the middle instead of the linked Interaction and Quiz? This is a very scary scenario because after updating each Interaction and Quizmaker file, I had created extracts for translation using new studio translation feature. Those changes are not reflected in extracts as well. 

When an Engage Interaction or Quizmaker is accessed through main ppt, changes are made, and files are saved, should this not be updating the linked Engage Interaction and Quizmake files as well? At least this is the way it used to work in Studio 09. 

Please note that I have installed Upate 2 of studio and all my files on stored locally. I am not using any networked or external drive. 

To me this seems a serious bug where link between PPT, Engage and Quizmaker is not working properly. 

Just wanted to know if any one else experienced this issue. Getting help on forum is much faster.

Thank you.


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Nigel Pinnock

Hi Mike,

Yes, I am still subscribed and I read your posting with interest. Glad you found that the same work-around is doing the trick for you. It is frustrating and I can't help thinking that there are some little issues around the Engage and Quizmaker file storage that spoil what should be an excellent software package. A couple of weeks ago I had the reverse issue where changes would save in the files outside of PowerPoint, but not in the version embedded in PowerPoint! The whole thing also kept repeatedly crashing. This was fixed by installing the latest updates to Articulate (with help from company IT person who has admin rights). I'm also based in England (office at home) but work for an American company HQ'd in Illinois - nice to hear from you.



Paul Foreman

We were/are having the same issue with Quiz and Engage files not updating but the Presenter package having the updates.  I found they were being saved to the user 'roaming' information under the Articulate folder and not to the file folder they should be on the C:\ area. 

I was able to cut the 'correct' files from the roaming information and put it in the normal folders and then had to delete the inserted elements and 'add existing' from the properties menu to get it put back together.  This has happened with three projects over the last year and we can't figure out why.  There have been 16 to 20 other projects over this same time that didn't have the issue.  I will guess having to work in a network environment (even keeping all your work on the C:\ drive) is a factor. 

Paul Foreman, Iowa DOC

Paul Foreman

I agree with you on following the documentation - but for some reason this still happens.  When we transfer files we do an entire folder of the elements being developed along with all the supporting notes, pictures etc. to another user.  All our work goes on with the files on C at all times yet, the program seems to think it has to save edits to the quiz or engage in the roaming file and not where it should.  This is also inconsistent and only rarely happens.  We don't transfer anything on the network - the whole folder package is copied to a USB drive and then copied to the other computer on the C drive (we only have a few machines).  It appears to be some fluke that I just can't figure out. 

Susan Stewart

Something that worked for me was to go into the quizmaker file (not through the presenter file, but the master quizmaker file) for each quiz.  When I opened the quizmaker files I noticed the audio loading...so the places where the updates had not shown up upon publish got updated just by opening the quizmaker file and allowing the audio to upload.  This did not work for images/text, I still had to go in and change those by hand. 

June Dunlap

Hi Leslie,
The same issues mentioned in this discussion. The interactions updated in the PPT course are not saving and updating the original interactions in the course folder. I had to open within in the PPT and send each one to me, save as to the existing folder to overwrite each one to get them to all update. One would think that when you click the same button within Engage, it would save to the original file. Clicking on Save and Return to Presenter does not save anything to the original file, nor does it update.


June Dunlap

Hi Leslie,

I am not referring to the PPTA file at all. The problem is with the interactions in the Presenter. If you open one in Engage to edit, it should update the original interaction inside the course folder.

This is happening all the time and also with my development team as well. This is a known issue that the interactions linked to the PowerPoint course files are not updating when edited in Presenter. We are having to do the edits twice or follow the suggestions in other posts to email the interaction to ourselves and save the updated version to our course folders.

I saw the posts from two years ago, and it is still an issue.


Crystal Horn

Hi Judy.  If you don't mind, I want to ask some additional questions.  I did some testing on my own file.  I created an Engage .intr within Presenter.  I saved and closed.  Then I opened the .intr in Engage from my desktop; it looked good, so I closed it.  I went back into PowerPoint and chose to Edit in Engage.  I saved and closed PowerPoint.  When I went to open that .intr in desktop Engage again, the changes were saved.

It's possible that your changes could have been overwritten by an earlier version if your project files have been moved more than once. Here's a hypothetical scenario:
1) You moved your PowerPoint presentation and its corresponding Articulate (*.ppta) file to another folder or another computer.
2) You made changes to the embedded interaction and saved those changes.
3) Then you moved your updated project files back to the original location.
Can you confirm if your workflow was similar to the steps above? In this situation, the original interaction file was left behind (in step 1), so your changes (in step 2) would have been saved to the cached copy of the interaction in your *.ppta file. When you moved the project files back (in step 3), they re-linked with the original interaction file, which didn't include your changes.
Does that sound like your workflow?  
On the other hand, did you ever move the .intr file (outside of your Presenter course), e.g. from My Articulate Projects to Desktop?  If you make changes (Edit in Engage) in Presenter, and then move the .intr back to to where it was, that may cause your changes not to save properly.
June Dunlap

While I appreciate your response, I have been working with Articulate Studio for many, many years and know that if you rename, or move your files, things happen and do not update. This is definitely not the issue here.  From day one when I start with any project, all files are in a folder on my C Drive, and remain in that folder until the final product is published to the LMS and ready to go.

Thanks for your time, but I have a work around for this and will continue to use it for now.


Diana Riker

How are we supposed to be moving files without losing the sources files for engage or quizmaker files? I am having the same issue. We have all of our files saved on our shared drive, but when edits needs to be made we need to be made we move them to our local drive. Then when I open the PPT file and make the edits the edits are not made to the quizmaker or engage source files.

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no Darlene! We don't want you to think of saving as a gamble for sure.

Thanks for letting us know that you've tried the troubleshooting listed in this thread. I've opened a support case (01058116) on your behalf so that you can work directly with one of our support engineers to get to the bottom of this.

I'll follow along as well.

Princess Canlas

Hi, everyone. Has this been resolved? I am experiencing the same, making changes on the interactions by hitting Edit in Engage inside the PPT file, but when I open the engage/quizmaker file directly, the changes were not there. Is there a solution? I only see that editing the engage/quizmaker directly and re-inserting it in PPT may work--but that would not resolve the issue, it means additional time and effort, and that means Edit in Engage function is useless. Any thoughts?

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