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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Vivi,

I haven't seen a lot on using an Engage '09 file as Flash and inserting it. If you're having trouble, try to make sure you're not testing locally - publish and upload to a server, then see if the project works properly.

Studio/Presenter '13 doesn't support content created in the earlier version, it needs to be upgraded in order for it to insert directly into the product. If you need to use an Engage '09 interaction, you could publish it as a standalone interaction and upload it to a web server or LMS. Then, you could insert insert that as a web object in your Presenter '13 presentation. 

Adding Web Objects in Articulate Presenter - E-Learning Heroes

Not only would that be more reliable than trying to insert it as Flash, but you could also retain any tracking that you need for Quizmaker or Engage '09 projects if you're uploading to an LMS.