Engage audio not in published podcast

When creating a podcast from a ppt file that has regular narrated slides as well as an engage tabbed interaction inserted, the podcast only contains the slide audios - none of the audio within the tabbed interaction.

I looked at exporting the audio from the interaction to insert into the presentation audio using another app but in a multi-tabbed interaction it looks like the audio of each individual tab needs to be manually exported. This presentation has 'lots' of tabbed interactions so... :-(

Any thoughts on making this a little easier?

- Publish to a podcast that contains 'all' audio, including engage interactions?

- Export all the audio from a tabbed engage activity in one go?

...or is this a limitation of this version?



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Brian Batt

Hi Rob,

Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to include the Engage or Quizmaker audio in the published podcast created in Presenter '09.  If you'd like to see that feature added to a future release, please submit a feature request to us by using the link below: