Engage files don't show up

Hi, all.

I created a few Engage interactions several weeks ago for a project.  Now, as I am creating the rest of the program in Presenter, I am unable to insert the existing Engage interactions.

When I navigate to the file where I have the Engage interactions stored, I can see the files just fine.  When I launch the files, they play just fine.  The problem comes in when I try to insert those interactions into the presentation.  When I click "Insert Existing" in the Engage window and navigate to the file where the interaction is stores so I can choose that file, the file doesn't show.  The only files that show up are those that are ALREADY in the Presenter presentation.

Any ideas on what may be the issue?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Vicki!

Interesting situation you've got here  

Would you mind doing a screencast recreating what you're going through? If you haven't done one before, Screenr makes it pretty simple:


Then please submit a case using the link below which includes your screencast, and one of our awesome support engineers will be happy to take a look at it and help you resolve the issue. Thanks!