Engage files missing

Hello all,

The Engage Interactions that I created are currently in my PowerPoint presentation; however, when I go to edit the Interaction within the presentation, I receive the following error: “Unable to access Interaction (name of Interaction.intr). Please locate the interaction.”


When I go into the ‘Engage’ application, my files are no longer there.  I have no idea what happened?  Can you explain? When I publish the presentation, the files are present. However, when I try to edit or locate the files - they do not exist...


How can I retrieve my files? Please help?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Vivian and welcome to Heroes! When you create an Engage interaction, it creates an INTR file. What you need to do is locate the INTR file that is associated with the interaction in your presentation. You may want to check the folder that contains your PowerPoint file or My Documents\My Articulate Projects.

Vivian Deitz

Hi Justin,

Thank you for your response. I checked the folder and the Interactions are there; however, I don't see the intr. files. I did a search on my local drives and to no success are the intr. files appearing.  Will I have to recreate the interactions?  I truly hope not. I remember working on the presentation on my hard drive. I save the file to the network drive and I believe that is where they got corrupted. Because when I went to edit the interaction, I received the "unable to locate file..." message.

What to do?