Engage Glossary Font size in Term Column

Apr 23, 2014

My customer likes the glossary but questions the terms that are cut off on the left side when term is too long for the term column width. Example: Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) displays with a ... and in the description section, it does as well (which doesn't look good). Even if I increase the Terms List Width to say , 50%, then the description width gets scroll bars (which doesn't look good).

Is there a way to decrease  the font size of the Term Lists words? Or, is there another solution? This glossary has more than several terms that get cut off and the ... (ellipse) never shows the rest of the word, even in the description area. (see attached image)


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Claire,

You can certainly change the font of the title and slide content. However, I'm not certain which version of Engage you're using to develop the Glossary, '09 or '13. 

The steps should be similar in both versions:

Click on "Interaction Properties" and select the "Colors and Effects" tab. In the "Interaction Fonts" section, you can change the fonts uses for both the title and slide content.

You can select a smaller font, it may help with longer titles:

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