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Dec 09, 2011


I am working on localizing a course to Japanese... I have localized terms and definitions in Japanese which I copy pasted in Engage Glossary interaction. when I previewed my glossary of terms, the alphabet filters are still in English (ABCD...) but are disabled. I understand this happens because i do not have english phrases in my terms.  All the other japanese terms are considered miscellaneous and do not get a filter option by Japanese alphabet. Is this something that can be rectified?

All I am trying to achieve through this is to be able to display the Japanese terms like how we present the glossary for English terms. Is there a solution for this using Articulate?

Another alternative I can think of is to create a flash based glossary interactivity for Japanese terms and insert it as a flash movie. within Articulate interface.

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Harini Bala

Thank you for the suggestion Ron. I have nearly 250+ glossary terms. Having them all in a FAQ interactivity might give the user  a massive scroll and they can't see the terms at a glance with ease like they do in the left panel of the glossary interactivity.

So if this is a limitation with Articulate, I guess the flash alternative is my best bet...(?)

Harini Bala

Jeanette's response to this post "Unfortunately, the current Engage glossary interaction doesn't provide away to customize the filter for different languages. Really the only workaroundat this point is to disable the filter, which you can do by opening yourglossary in Engage, and select Interaction Properties, then click the Glossarytab, and unmark the "Enable Filter" box".

Also,  she has  put this in as a new feature request for the future release .

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