Engage glossary loading time

Hello to all,

I have created an engage glossary with about 480 entries and a starting page which can be displayed within the presenter output by clicking on an additional tab. When I'm opening the glossary the first time, all entries are loaded first, until the initial start page for the glossary will be displayed. Unfortunately this takes some time due to the amount of glossary entries. Is there a possibility to influence this behavior in any way, e.g. displaying the starting page first before loading all the 480 glossary entries?

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Brian Batt

Hi Michael,

Engage ’09 Glossary interactions can contain up to 500 entries.  However, please be aware that the larger an interaction becomes, the longer it will take to load during playback.  The speed at which an interaction loads is also dependent on the user’s system resources and Internet connection speed.  For more information, see the link below: