Engage Interaction course

Hi folks,

I've created an Engage Interaction as a course on it's own. What I mean is that there is nothing else to the course except for the Engage (no quiz etc).

When I published it, I choose the option:


LMS Reporting: Completed/ Incomplete

Tracking: Minimum number of items viewed to complete: 25 of 25

Based on the above, once the learner has viewed all 25 items in the Engage Interaction and closed the course, should it not be reported to the LMS that the learner has completed the course?

Everytime I try, finish the course, what gets reported to the LMS is "Incomplete".

Is there something I missed in the publish steps in Engage or is there something I've missed adding this course to our LMS?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Thanks folks


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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Z,

For most any LMS-related issue, this blog post is the best place to begin.  You also want to be certain that you are packaging your published content properly for your LMS (the steps provided apply to Engage, as well).  Please note that your LMS may dictate how you configure the "Report status to LMS as" setting.

I would recommend comparing the performance of your content at SCORM Cloud.  If you cannot reproduce the problem there, this is likely an LMS-specific issue, and you will want to generate debug logs and supply them to your LMS provider for additional troubleshooting.

If you're unable to tell a difference when testing in SCORM Cloud, please submit a support case with our tech team. They'll be able to take a closer look and see what may be causing the issue. If you do open a support case please include your Engage Interaction file (.intr). Also, please share your case number with me (you can do so by responding to this message or by sending it to me in a private message) so I can track the progress of the case. 


Zdravko Gunjevic

Hi Christine,

Thanks for getting back to me. Tested it on SCORM cloud and I can't tell if there is a difference. Essentially I want learners to go through the engage interaction (no quiz at the end) and the LMS to mark the course as completed and they don't have to re-take it. But it marks it as failed :(

As per your suggestion, i've submitted a case with Articulate.

Case Number: 00307451
Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._50040O1hPS:ref

Thanks so much for your help and hopefully this is something simple that I'm just missing or not realising! LOL