engage interaction not loading

I'm still a 'beginner' user of articulate/storyline products. 

A course I finished and posted on our website a few months ago now is not loading one of the tab interactions.  The course was getting glitchy before I completed it, ie motion paths not working and just little things not functioning correctly.  I was relieved to finish and get the thing posted before anything major happened but now, this.  We're presenting the tool at an upcoming conference so I need to fix it asap.  The only approach I can see is opening the original files and recreating the engage interaction, saving, publishing, posting, etc.  Does anyone see another route?  If this is the only route- another question.  I created the entire course on a different computer and have moved the files off that computer and saved on my existing computer.  This makes me nervous.  Do I take the files back to the original computer and recreate, save, publish or is this going to create problems?  Thanks.

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Chip Ritter

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your post. Yes, the only way to edit or change a course that you've already created and published is to go back to the original project files, make the changes and re-publish over the existing course.

If all of the source files were moved over to the new computer (.PPT, .PPTA, the Engage 09 files, etc) you should be good to edit and republish.

I hope that helps.

Nicole Dodds

After further investigation- the interaction will sometimes load and now other interactions are also not loading at times.  We use imacs, so powerful computers.  I need these to work on less powerful computers.  I don't feel confident that recreating the engage interaction(s) is going to address the root of the problem.  Any suggestions on how to address this?