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I'm building a training module with Powerpoint and using multiple engage interactions.  We are wanting the learner to view all the slides in sequence in the module, however, in the actual engage interactions we don't require them to view all the tabs.  I've set the properties so that the user can leave the interaction at anytime but when I go to preview it along with other slides it keeps telling me that I need to view in sequence.  I also noticed that it allocates 5 seconds to each of the tabs.  I changed the animation settings so that they appeared for only 1 second but that still didn't change it.  Is the fact that we want learners to view all the slides in sequence impacting the actual Engage interactions.  If so, is there a way around it?  Help!!! 

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Brian Batt

Hi Andrea & welcome to Heroes,

In a restricted navigation, the end-users are still required to view all steps of the interaction even if "allow user to leave the interaction at any time" is selected.  To workaround this, you can manually set the timing for the Engage interactions by using the unsupported workaround described below:

1. Publish your presentation > Click Open Folder 
2. Open the Data folder 
3. Open the SWF folder 
4. Open the Engage folder for that particular interaction 
5. Open the engage_content folder 
6. Open the data.xml file in a program like Notepad 
7. In the first line, you'll see this: 


Change the number from 5 to 1. 

8. Save the file & test your presentation. 

You can learn more here: