Engage Interaction with restricted navigation

May 31, 2011

I asked this question some time ago in the older forum.  Can't find the response.  Here it is again:

In a restricted navigation course, students have trouble progressing past an engage interaction that has perhaps five labeled graphic items which must be clicked (to complete the engage slide).  None of the items is narrated, but Engage defaults the time of each to five seconds.  Remember this is restricted nav, no seek bar present, there is no indicator when all five have completed.  Students click all five, but don't allow five seconds each, then they get frustrated and complain.

Someone pointed out in the older thread that each of the interactions XML could be hand-edited after publishing to reduce the time from five seconds to 1 second thereby minimizing the problem.

I'd appreciate that information once more, or any better work around that doesn't require as much hand-editing of the final product.


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Brian Batt

Hi Sam,

The default duration for a step in an interaction is 5 seconds. Currently, it cannot be reduced beyond that from within the software. If you would like to see this feature in a future release, please submit a feature request to us: 


You may be able to reduce the duration of a step by modifying your published output. Please note that the steps below are not supported by Articulate: 

1. Publish your presentation > Click Open Folder 

2. Open the Data folder 

3. Open the SWF folder 

4. Open the Engage folder for that particular interaction 

5. Open the engage_content folder 

6. Open the data.xml file in a program like Notepad 

7. In the first line, you'll see this: 


Change the number from 5 to 1. 

8. Save the file & test your presentation. 

You can learn more here: 


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