Engage Interactions Don't Publish Successfully



Deleted ALL Articulate products from hard drive.  Restarted. Installed Studio suite again.  Restarted.

(Defrag done.  Antivirus done.  McAfee done. etc.)

Took the same file submitted for your review:

1. Removed the identified "corrupt" interaction and published the remaining "clean" interaction.  Published only ONE interaction...it played as expected.

2. Re-inserted the "corrupt" interaction and removed the "clean" interaction.  Published only ONE interaction (corrupt)...it played as a SURPRISE since it had been identified as "corrupt."

3. Re-inserted the "clean" interaction with the "corrupt" interaction, in that order. Published both interactions...only the "corrupt" interaction played in the second position.  The first position interaction does not play even though it is listed in the menu.

4. Did it again in the reverse order, and, you guessed it...the second position interaction played.  The first position interaction still does not play.

I have rebuilt these interactions from the ground up even though they were originally designed in the '09 Flipbook.

They are the same TYPE of interaction, Process, with different names, content, etc. 

Having the same issue with three Labeled Graphic interactions placed in succession.  Only the third interaction opens. 

Any suggestions?  I am ready to  uninstall '13 and reinstall '09!

Thanks for your assistance.

Molly Rainey

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