Engage Interactions Don't Work When Published

Published in Presenter 13, includes several Engage slides - interactions work in Preview but not when published. Tried publishing to CD executable as well as Web and LMS, all to folder on local (C) drive.

Another quirk - when published, the presentation opens to slide #8 instead of slide #1.

We are on Win XP and IE8

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Marie-Agnes Pilon

Sorry, me again. A little more information.

When I imported my powerpoint that was previsouly used for Articulate Storyline, all my Engage file were properly imported.

What is happening now is once published any slide that have Engage stuff on it, I cannot get the Next and Prev button to work. My timeline is only 5 seconds and my navigation is set to Free so the user can go anywhere they want with in the Storyline.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marie!

I'm not quite sure I'm totally following, but I do thing this is what you are looking for:

With the release of Update 3 for Articulate Studio '13, you can now control how the Prev and Next buttons behave for Articulate Engage interactions embedded in Articulate Presenter courses. The navigation buttons can either jump to the previous/next step in the interaction or the previous/next slide in the overall presentation. See this article for details.

Marie-Agnes Pilon

Okay it appears I may have more issues.

The PowerPoint and Articulate PResenter appears to be pointing to Engage files on the server. I have tried a number of thing to hope and changing the files to point to my c: drive.

Because I did not have a story file, I imported the presentation that had engage slide within it. I have been opening every slide that has an Engage component so that I could change the behavior of the "Prev" and "Next" button. However I am not sure any of it is working as I changed most of them and then tried to republish my Storyline but the prev and next button still did not work.

I then tried to create a new storyline and import the slide I had updated that had the Engage elements and still the prev and next button do not work.


1- How can I change where the Presenter and PowerPoint look for the Engage files?

2- Once I have updated all the engage slides within the PowerPoint how do I update my Storyline so that it picks up the new information?

3- If I cannot change the location file PowerPoint and Presenter look for the Engage files, does that mean I have to start everything from scratch?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marie-Agnes,

You'd need to physically change the location of the Presenter, Powerpoint and Engage files, and I'd place them all in the same folder. Than you'd need to update the links within your Presenter file to ensure it's pointing to that correctly.

If you're making changes in the Presenter version, you'll need to reimport that into Storyline to include those changes - they won't be updated automatically across both softwares. 

If you're unable to make changes to the Presenter file, I'd look at importing the Engage files directly into Storyline, instead of from within the Presenter file. 

Marie-Agnes Pilon

Thanks Ashley but I found a simpler way. If I have to remove and reinsert all my engage slide it would take a long time (I have over 60 slides that have engage on them)

This is what I did and it set up the links I wanted.

1- I copied all the files (engage, pptx, ppta, etc) into one folder on my c: drive.

2- Using the PowerPoint, I prepared an Articulate Package.

3- Once the articulate package was completed, I extracted all the files to a new folder.

4- When I opened the powerpoint in that new folder and updated my engage files, the modified timestamp was updated in the folder where I had extracted all the files.

I will create a document and a package file once I am done all the updates I need to do so that the next person simply has to extract the file and the engage files will be properly linked within the presenter file.

I will do more test later however for now, I will tackle the problem in this fashion because removing and reinserting  would take too long and then there are many other things I would have to recheck and retest.

Thanks for  your help.