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I'm fairly new to Articulate. Have worked with two learnings, but seems to have problems with both. The first one, I included several interactions. When I preview them, they run as expected. When publishing the learning in our LMS, it comes out blank. It happens with Internet Explorer. When opening learning with other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge) I'm able to go through the learning. Brought the issue to my IT guys, but don't seem to find a solution to run the learning using IE.

The other issue that I'm experiencing is that I have the PPT file, add an interaction, the pop up window indicates "import content", but can't edit the interaction. Looks like it's opening a window to edit, but disappears.

Any hints or troubleshooting ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sonia. Welcome to Articulate! Let me see how I can help you have a smooth experience moving forward! It sounds like you're having 2 issues:

  • Content doesn't display in Internet Explorer: Check out this article on using compatibility view in Internet Explorer. 
  • Engage isn't opening from the Articulate tab in PowerPoint: Once you've added your interaction, you should see a placeholder slide in PowerPoint. If you click Edit in Engage, it will open the interaction in Engage with the option to edit, and to save and return to Presenter.

    Can you share a quick Peek 360 screencast of what you're seeing when you go through that process? That will help us troubleshoot a bit better. 

If you need help with any of the above, feel free to start a case or live chat here. You have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription which includes priority support!