Engage (non scorm) not displaying in label/page in Moodle

Hi Folks

(using Moodle 2.1.2)

I have uploaded aritculate engage content to a folder and have linked to the engage.swf file using the 'moodle media' button in the text editor. The swf loads fine but just runs the progress bar' - no external content is added. My guess is that the engage.swf uses a relative link to the content but that Moodle requires absolute.

As far as I am aware engage does not allow the user to put in absolute links - does anyone have any other suggestions??



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Peter Anderson

Hi Paul, welcome to Heroes!

It does sound as if it may be an issue on the Moodle end. Have you had a chance to review this handy article on troubleshooting Articulate/LMS issues?:


You might want to try running a test with Scorm Cloud (found under subheading #3) to determine whether it's an issue with your LMS or with the content. 

Hope that's helpful!

Kat Fardian

Hi Paul,

I'm having problems with something similar but for a full package not just a quiz (I'm using 2.0 something). I basically want to have a button image (not the dull hyperlink which is automatically created) which links to the player.html file but it was doing the exact same thing. (Note: I also want it opening full screen in a new window).

It's a bit complicated but here is what I did.

Add a New File

  1. Go to Add a Resource --> File
  2. Give name/ description etc
  3. Upload zip file
  4. Unzip file and navigate to player.html (in your case engage.swf)
  5. Set as main file
  6. I don't think it matters how you set the display as all you want is the link but I chose pop-ups
  7. Save and return to course

Get the link

  1. Click the new file link (the one automatically created by Moodle when adding new files)
  2. Copy the URL

Add link to different Section

  1. Go to the section where you want to add the link
  2. Click the Add Link icon (not media)
  3. Copy the URL
  4. I put target as new window and added a title
  5. Insert link
  6. Save and return to course.

It's working a treat for me (but won't work if you want to track with SCORM as far as I can see). Hopefully this will help even if you are doing something slightly different.

Let me know if I haven't explained something properly.