Engage only Opens in IE 9


Sorry if this question has been already been answered, but I have multiple issues that I am trying to deal with and I couldn't find this answer. My university just update to Moodle 2.0, and I have had lots of difficulties making the adjustment. I am slowly working out various solutions, but one problem that has me stumped is the behavior of Engage interactions with various browsers. I can only get Engage interactions to open properly (whether standalone or embedded in Presenter) with IE 9 in a Windows environment (run through Parallels in my case). Engage behaves really oddly in Chrome in Windows (see screenshot) and won't open at all in Chrome (or Firefox, or Safari) on the Mac side (perpetual spinning ball). This only seems to have occurred sometime over the summer (so I thought it was a moodle thing, but my browsers were probably updated them as well: they're all up to date). 

This only affects Engage: Presenter (except for embedded engage interactions) and Quizmaker appears to work OK (the problems I'm having seem to be related to Moodle 2.0, which I am slowly working towards, but if anyone has a tutorial on how to make Articulate play nicely with Moodle 2.0 I would appreciate it. 

Thanks again for any help.


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Craig Paterson

HI there,

We have been experiencing similar issues and after much testing and fault finding have came to the conclusion that server side compression of the data XML file that was causing this. I am not very technical in this way so can't offer any more advice on that front I'm afraid. All i know is that when server side compression was switched off Engage started working again!

Our symptoms of this are/were:

Presenter appearing tiny in IE

Engage not loading in IE and FF (spinning wheel of death)

Hope this helps!

Joseph Flanagan


Thanks. I'll float it by our technical support and see if they can experiment. (I'm a bit lost with what the issue is, since it works on some computers and not on others. I got a bit tired trying to figure out what the cause might be, given all the different variables (browser, browser version, operating system, etc.). All I know is that Mac and Linux appear  to be OK: the problem so far have only occurred with Windows. 


Greg Davis

Hey folks, what is the outcome on this because I am having the same problem now. I am running FF16.0.2. My programs runs beautifully locally in Firefox, runs perfectly in FF in SCORM Cloud, but in Sum Total LMS, I get the spinning wheel of death on Engage interactions. If I call up the LMS training in IE, it works as expected.

Joseph Flanagan


Sorry, I should have added this to my original post, but it took a while before our IT people resolved it. The problem and solution is described here:


the issue involved server side compression. Turning it off resolved the problem.