Engage Player Tabs and Chrome

In our courses we have glossaries as player tabs. Now none of them work in Chrome. Just get the spinning circle of doom.Engage interactions embedded in a slide work just fine. The player tab glossaries work fine in Firefox and IE. If I clear my cache in Chrome I can get the glossary to open, but just once. Our courses were published in Articulate 09.

I see some other have had similar issues. Is a there a fix yet?


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Leslie McKerchie

Just wanted to share an update on Steve's issue for anyone that comes across this thread, here was the response from support: 

This confirms that your web server uses server-side compression. As discussed in the article below (although it refers to using Firefox), your Engage interactions may not load properly if you have compression enabled on your hosting server:

To resolve this issue, please check with your web administrator if they can disable the compression in the hosting server. Another workaround is to use a lower version of Flash Player in Google Chrome, Flash Player 10 and below. Or suggest to users to use a different browser instead (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) while viewing the course.