Engage playing multiple audio files simultaneously

I have noticed after publishing any Engage file that if I click the tabs, numbers, bars, etc. (depends on which template I am using) quick enough, the interaction will play the assigned audio file for each tab simultaneously!   It's as though, due to my 'rapid user actions', the interaction is not running a stop audio command and, as a result, is playing two audio files at the same time. Anyone else having this issue?

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Doug Doyle


Your 'Change the navigation options for the interaction' suggestion above did not help in that I did not fully understand what you meant. Today it dawned on me that if I change the 'Colors and Effects' options in the 'Interaction Properties' to 'Appear and No Sound Effects', my problem would be solved. Now, to go back and change over 100 interactions is my biggest challenge. Any time saving techniques for this?

Thank you.