Engage seekbar disappearing when published

Apr 02, 2014

Hi, I'm seeing an unusual problem in engage 13.

I'm using a process engage with 9 steps, & when I publish the seekbar is missing. In the engage player settings the seekbar is ticked & when I preview inside engage is appears fine. If I then import into powerpoint & preview there it is gone. Same when published in PowerPoint.

I have submitted a case in tandem with this post.

Paddy O'Connor

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Patrick O'Connor

This is fixed, but just for anyone searching for the same problem. . .

After you import the engage, presenter seems to default its own settings over the imported engage. If you go into the slide properties dialog, & select the slide in question, you can set the engage slides properties up how you'd like. In this case just setting the seekbar to on.

Thanks Leslie.

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