Engage slides within Presentations Freeze

Hi Folks!

I have Presenter presentations with the occasional Engage interaction throughout.   Freezing is always an issue to be dealt with, but freezing seems to be more prevalent on the slides that are built with Engage. 

It's frustrating to the point that I'm about to stop using Engage and just replace all the Engage slides with regular PPT slides.  But before I do, I was wondering if anyone had this same experience and any suggestions.


Steven Stark

PS - Even when the version of Adobe Flash is up-to-date, this issue still occurs.

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Brian Batt

Hi Steven,

I've seen an issue in some LMS's where multiple 404 errors will cause the content to freeze.  Thus, here's how you can try and resolve the issue:

1.  Open your presentation

2.  Go to each slide that contains and interaction or quiz

3.  In the notes section at the bottom, insert generic notes like "quiz" or just "interaction"

4.  Publish your presentation

5.  Re-upload it t the LMS

Essentially, when there are no notes for a particular slide, the LMS manifest will still attempt to load the non-existent notes and throw a 404 error.  This may resolve the issue for you.

joe smith

Thanks for the info, Brian.  Would the issue you're describing happen consistently with the LMS or could it just happen intermittently? 

The reason I ask is that the Engage slides work fine for lots of people and not for others.  It seems like if the freezing were being caused by what you described that it would happen consistently to all users.

Thanks again for all of your help and I look forward to your reply.