Engage Tab as a Hotlink to a Presenter slide


I am trying to use one of the tabs in the upper right hand corner to directly link to a slide in the presentation. I have tried an Engage interaction and also the default attachment tab, but can't figure it out.

I have created an "example slide" in the presentation that has an image with hotlinks that take the user to specific examples based on the image selected. I would like the user to be able to access that slide from a Tab.

Any thoughts?


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David Anderson

Hi Dar - You can use this tip from Dave Moxon to link from an Engage interaction to a Presenter slide. It's not a default function, but it will work.

The trick is to include some extra info in your hyperlink that points to the published PowerPoint slide. The one thing to keep in mind is that if you add or delete PowerPoint slides, you will likely need to update your Engage hyperlink.

dar maxwell

Hi again,

I tried this and it's not exactly what I am looking for. I was hoping that someone had been able to rewrite something that already exists. I have a slide that has links on it to other slides and I would like to directly link to the parent slide from a Tab link. Has anyone figured out how to do that?

I found Linky Tab to be too much for what I am looking for.