Engage Tabs - which one to use to add a hyperlink

Jan 11, 2012


I'm wondering which Engage Tab should I use in my elearning presentation.

I wanted to add a link to a website using the attachtments (masking the name 'attatchments' and replacing it with the name of the website). However, I'm using the attatchements to put documents I'm using in a quiz (as hyperlinks).

Could I add a hyperlink in an Englage Tab, and wich one should I use?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Julie,

Sorry if I'm not understanding you correctly, but are you talking about inserting an Engage interaction as a Presenter tab? If so, here's the article on doing that:


And I think the Tabs Engage interaction would work well as a source for hyperlinks. You could use the tabs to identify the websites you want to link to, and then give more information on that site as well as the hyperlink to it once the user clicks on the tab. Am I even close?

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