Engage Widescreen Support

I'm using the Articulate 13 Beta.

I was wondering if there is a way to change the aspect ratio of the engage player so that when you insert a 16:9 video into an interaction, there isn't so much space on the top and bottom. I am specifically interested in the "Tabs" interaction type.

Articulate Presenter handles the 16:9 format well, and I was hoping to see that in Engage too.

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Michael Nealon

After further investigation, it looks as though the issue I'm seeing is with the entire Engage interaction. When you insert the interaction onto a PP slide that is in 16:9 format, it only fills the space of a 4:3 interaction. So the Engage interaction itself is not fitting into the slide.

I hope there is a way to make this happen. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jens,

Looks like another conversation took place on this topic here:

Changing Engage '13 slide/stage aspect ratio?

As Leslie mentioned in that thread, the current aspect ratio for an Engage interaction is 4:3. If you'd like to see different options, please let our development team know by submitting a detailed feature request.