Engage won't import audio

I have several .wav files that I need to import into engage interactions.  These files are in .wav format, 44khz, and 16 bit.  I keep getting an "unsupported audio file and or bitrate".  I used similar files (these are do-overs from my narrator scattered throughout the presentation) in presenter just fine.  Its only the engage interactions that is rejecting them.  Any suggestions?

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Hallie Stokes

Thanks for the ideas - I ended up doing a work around before I saw these.  I made a short ppt, imported the files into presenter (one per slide, since there were only 10 corrects that I needed to stick into engage interactions), made sure they worked, exported them to my desktop and then imported them back in to the proper places in the interactions. Seems to have stuck.  Don't know why those files were fussy, when I get some time post-deadline to mess around I may look at it more carefully.

thanks again!