Error Generating Output

I was just recently upgraded to Windows7 32-bit with Office 2007 32-bit, and now am having an issue publishing Engage interactions.

The program opens correctly, and I can create any of the interactions in the edit window.

When I go to Preview or Publish, I am shown an error window stating "Error Generating Output" with no other information, and can go no farther in the publishing process.

I downloaded and have re-installed the entire suite twice just to make sure it was all there.

I am using Engage V2.3.1103.112.

The error happens whether I am creating a new interaction round trip from PPT/Articulate or in standalone mode.

PPT/Articulate and Quizmaker function correctly with no issues, just Engage.

Anybody seen this issue before? I never have.


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Brian Batt

Hi Dwayne,

If the first font listed in your Fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts) contains an apostrophe ('), you may encounter the following error when attempting to preview or publish an Engage '09 interaction:

"Error generating content"

Please review the following article for more information: