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Adam Hain

This is what I have from a previous email:

Examples of all 20 Interactions:


So yes, I think it was the same page unfortunately.  Ali's response above make me tend to think the same. 

I just liked it because faculty members could look at all the live examples and consider their content, which interaction is most appropriate then create the engage slide.  It was also great for my demos.  Maybe when I have a chance to create something I can post it here.  It might be more health professions themed since that is our field but it will be fun to set up. I'm doing a whole series of tutorials.

Eve Alexander

I remember that page and I was looking for it too. It was super helpful to see demos of each interaction instead of having to try each one out individually. Another thing that would be helpful is if a person could change the Interaction after entering the text and images. Like you'd swap a WordPress theme on a website.