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May 02, 2011

Hi all...I have created Glossary and FAQ slides for the first time and am not understanding how to set the navigation options correctly. When I publish the slides they seem to want to play through each term/question before it will allow the player to move on. I have set the navigation to "By User" and tried setting the time lapse to "0" seconds, with no luck.  Clearly I'm missing something basic.

Thanks for your help...Michael

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Michael - I think these steps will help:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and go to the placeholder slide for your Glossary or FAQ.
  2. At the bottom of the slide, click Properties.
  3. From the window that appears, change the setting for "Allow user to leave interaction" to "Anytime."
  4. Click Close.

Now if you republish, your interaction won't require the user to visit all items in the interaction before moving on.

Michael Reid

Hi Jeanette and thanks for the suggestion. However, I had already set these as you suggested. It appears that if I click on the last item in either the Glossary or FAQ, then it will "play" that item and then allow the player to move on. If I try to navigate away at any other time, or immediately without looking at the slide content (which should be possible for an FAQ or Glossary), then it displays "You may only view slides that you have already viewed".

Until I select the very last item in the list then it won't actually display the "play" option to move forward. Perhaps this isn't the best way of constructing FAQs etc? Your assistance is very appreciated.

Jeanette Brooks

OK, thanks for that additional info... the message you're seeing ("You may only view slides that you have already viewed") is actually coming from Presenter (not Engage). The message displays when the navigation on your course is set to Restricted. The course won't let the learner progress until they reach the end of whatever slide they're on. So if they happen to be on the FAQ or Glossary slide, that's why it's only letting the learner move on if they are on the very last item.

One solution is to change the navigation method to Free, which would allow the learner to move on from any slide without forcing them to see each slide in its entirety. You can make this change by opening your presentation and, on the Articulate menu, select Player Templates > Navigation. Where it says "User navigation is," select "Free."

Another approach would be to leave the navigation method as Restricted, but instead of including your FAQ and Glossary as slides within your course, add them as player tabs at the top of your player instead. This way, users can just click the tab at any time to open your FAQ or Glossary, and they wouldn't be required to view all the items. Once they view whatever info they need, they can just click the Close button on the glossary and continue on with the course. For a walk-through of how to add an Engage interaction as a tab on your player, check out this tutorial and scroll down to the heading that says "#2: Insert an Interaction as a Tab on Your Player."

Hope that helps!

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