I have an Engage  FAQ slide with ten slides. Currently, the viewer cannot navigate away from the slide unless he/she goes over all questions.  How can I make it possible to navigate away from the slide without having to go over all questions? to make it a sort of reference FAQ page. In the Player Templates>Navigation the User Navigation is set to: Free-user can view slides in any order. please help.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anton,

I may be a problem with the new file name. I wonder if something "broke" when it was changed? Have you tried changing the name back to see if that fixes it?

You might also want to try the suggestions in the article below:

Audio is missing or lost in published Presenter '09 presentation

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks! :)

Tony Lahoud

Good day Christine:

I have an older published version which includes audio.

Few questions on this: where is the audio of this version stored? Is it stored as a separate file? Is it possible to save the audio as a separate file and then import it to a different power Point?

An issue with repositioned text box.  

In the published version, which includes audio, one of the text boxes in one of the slides was relocated from its original place. I am trying to position it back to where it belongs. Because it is a published version which includes the audio that I do not want to lose, I cannot reposition the text box using Power Point. So I am trying to change the location of the text box in either the html or the xml files. I have background in web development and I'm very familiar with html, and JavaScript. xml is new to me (so I'm trying to learn it now) but I managed to locate the slide.  

I have located the files and opened them using Notepad (both html and xml), located the specific slide with the text box. But I did not locate any parameters for its location. Where can I find the text box's parameters? is there a specific file that includes the parameters? 

Thank you,


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anton,

For modifying the output HTML and files, I'm afraid that's a bit out of my scope. I don't have any suggestions for this, unfortunately. Your best bet would be to get access, if possible, to the original Presenter package or file so you can modify it within the project itself. If you cannot get access to that package, it might be best to start a new thread and see if one of our community coding experts can give you some advice :)

The situations pretty similar for the audio file - you'll need to have access to the package for the course. 

Presenter stores your audio files in a PPTA file. You can export audio using the Audio Editor in Presenter. Here’s how: 

Exporting audio from Presenter – Articulate Presenter ’09 Knowledge Base

Ron Mcguinty

I have a glossary with over a hundred terms in it. I have the interaction set to leave at any time.

The articulate help is telling me that when the course is set to restricted in Studio 13 that you have to view every item.

Is this a bug? If so when can I expect a fix. If it has been changed from Studio 9 to function this way then you have a very angry customer.

I use glossary's in almost every course. The whole point is to be able to get in read what you need and leave at anytime..

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anton! Are you utilizing Studio '09 and Studio '13 on different machines? You should not be running both on the same machine.

When you upgraded your project from '09 to '13, then a backup file should have been created that you could utilize.

Your existing projects won't be changed unless you open them in Studio '13. When you open an existing project in Studio '13, you'll be asked to upgrade it. A backup copy will be created in case you decide to go back to the earlier version.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ron and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Can you give me some information about your project? Sounds like you are inserting an Engage Interaction into Presenter? Are you publishing it as a slide, which does put the user into the unified player and changes up navigation a bit, or are you publishing as a player tab so that the user can access as needed and leave at any time?

Tony Lahoud

Hi Leslie,

I worked all day yesterday importing audio files into presenter. I did it one-by-one, synchronized it and  saved it. This morning  I opened the file and all the audio files are gone. I don't mind doing it again, but I need to make sure tomorrow they will stay. Any idea what happened to them?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anton!

If you are working in Presenter '09 and notice that your audio is missing, please review the following article, which outlines reasons and solutions.
Also, be sure that your presentation is located on your local hard drive (your C: drive).  Working on a network drive or a USB (external) drive can cause erratic behavior, including loss of resources (such as audio).