FLV for Engage Interactions - How to convert SWF to FLV?

Because FLVs are required for our Engage interactions, we have been looking around for SWF-to-FLV conversion software.  Does anyone use a conversion application that is reliable and easily upgraded when new versions of the same software comes out -- specifically one from a well-known and reputable company, not the one-off companies that I've been finding online.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance,


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Brian Batt

Hi Betsy,

I convert SWF's to other file types all of the time with FormatFactory.  When you first open it up, there's a scroll bar on the left with an item that says "All to FLV".  Click on that, choose the Add File button, select All Files from the drop-down next to File name, select your SWF file, and convert it.

Brian Batt

Hi Betsy,

From FormatFactory's website:

"FormatFactory use system installed codec to decode sourec files. you must install some codec that your files needed. You can install "K-Lite" or other codec pack to solve this problem."

You can download the K-Lite Codec Pack here:


After installing it, you'll need to restart your computer & then try the conversion again.