FLV to MP4 videos Articulate Studio 13


I am trying to convert my flv videos in an engage interaction into mp4 so they play on ipads and Mac computers. I had previous created these videos using the Articulate video encoder that was with AS9, but now we are using AS 13 the video encoder is no longer available.  I have Premier Elements 13 however this doesn't import FLV files. I can convert them avi files and then import but PE13 only seems to have specific out put sizes and I need 320 x 150 - which we customized using the Articualte video Encoder. Any suggestions?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kate -- We've been asked "What happened to Articulate Video Encoder?" We’ve added all the features and functionality from Articulate Video Encoder right into Articulate Studio ’13 products. Please see below and let me know if you still have questions.

Here's how Articulate Studio '13 encodes movies, based on the file format of the videos you insert and the publishing options you choose:

Imported File Type Flash Player Mobile Player HTML5 Player
MP4 Re-encoded to MP4 Re-encoded to MP4 Re-encoded to MP4
FLV (no alpha channel) Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4
FLV (alpha channel) No change No change Encoded to MP4
SWF No change Not supported Not supported
All other file types  Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4 Encoded to MP4