Font Size of Glossary Terms


I was wondering if there is a way to change the font size of terms in the Glossary.  Some of the terms I am using are fairly long and cut off when viewing the glossary.  This is a big concern for my client as they want to be able to see the entire term.  Also, I have noticed if the term is really long, it is still cut off even when you click on it to see the definition.  Please let me know if there are any tips or tricks to fixing this issue.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Liz - though it's not possible to adjust the actual font size, here are a couple ideas...

You could change the width of the Term column so that it allows for more space. You can do that via Interaction Properties > Glossary and adjust the Term List Width value.

Another idea is to switch to a different Title Font font that's more condensed. Articulate Narrow or Arial Narrow might give you a little more breathing room in the Term column. You can do that via Interaction Properties > Colors and Effects, and choose a different Title Font.

Here's an example of Articulate Narrow for the Title Font, with a term list width of 50%: