Full screen option?


We have a unit that uses just Articulate Engage to explain complex processes on thei intranet site (since I was consulting them on the website creation, I suggested that they'll use Engage).

Since the flows are complex, and most employees have big screens, they wish to utelize the whole screen to display the process. 

Engage output is limited in size.

They use just the Labled Graphic option - using links and text inside, sometimes images as well. 

So my questions are:

  1. How can I get Engage output to be displayed of a full screen (or bigger then default)?
  2. Can you suggest another software that is easy to use and can support the required functionality? 
    (maybe Captivate... anything simpler but more powerfull?)


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Ali Ahmed

Hello Efrat,

You are right that  lot of space is wasted around the content which gives an empty feeling. So what we usually do, if we are publishing in AP we write " Press F11 for Full screen View", this gives extra size and visibility on browser window.

For Engage Interaction you can add background into html file, this would probably give a better look

Poornima Ramachandran

Hi Efrat,

I would suggest you use Jeanette's method of using a 1X1 pixel image for the engage file. Set the background to full transparency, and you can have the picture in the Presenter file.

Here is the link to Jeanette's post - http://community.articulate.com/blogs/jeanette/archive/2010/12/07/use-an-engage-labeled-graphic-to-create-a-hover-over-effect-in-your-course.aspx

Dave Newgass


I am hoping full screen will be an option added in the next version.  In the mean time, check out this post in the old forum.  I use this method and it works great!  The only hiccup I have is when the content is first loaded, the full screen tab is not present.  If you refresh the brower or exit then re-enter the course, it shows up.  There are some technical isses that casue this and they CAN be fixed, but it is way out of my knowledge base.

I hope this helps.....it sure help me!  As a matter of fact, were it not for this, I would have had to move away from Articulate. :(

All the best,


Efrat Maor

As I explained, I am using this inside an intranet site, this is a SharePoint site, and it doesn't allow direct connecting to a .swf file.
but using your idea, I'm thinking I can just embbed  the .swf file in my own .html file, this might work.

The site is up for months already.
I'll give it a ter in the next time this issue arises.