Fuzzy Micro learning

Hi Everyone,

I was tasked with creating micro learning content  on some features in one of the systems we have developed in my organization.  I have noticed that the content is fuzzy. I'm not sure why?  When I tried to troubleshoot the issue, I decided to create zooms on some of the images so it would appear a little clearer.  I would love feedback on these as it is starting to really frustrate me that I can resolve the issue.  I used Snagit of the screen captures and save the images as .png files.

What can/should be done different?

Thanks so much for the help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cassandra. I had a look at your file, and I did see some blurriness in the Preview. We are investigating an issue with blurry previews.

When I published to Articulate 360 and viewed the interaction in Articulate Review, the images in each step looked much clearer. Have a look at my output here.

Are you noticing the blurriness on your end when published as well?

Cassandra Buffington-Bates

Hi Crystal,  Thanks so much for taking a look at my file.  I did publish and it is looking blurry.  I thought that it may have been an IE11 issue so I changed my default browser to Chrome and it still looks blurry.  What is strange is when I  preview the file in Engage it blurred but not as bad as when it is published. I find that happening with additional files created in Storyline 360.  It's making me go crazy!   At least you confirmed that I'm not loosing my vision or my mind.

Crystal Horn

You're welcome Cassandra.  I'm seeing blurriness in the web HTML5 output, actually.  What format are you using when you publish?  And where are you hosting the content?

Here's a comparison of what I'm seeing:

So the Flash version looks mostly crisp when you zoom in on the images, but the Preview (renders in HTML5) and the HTML5 output when hosted on the web appears blurry to me.

Cassandra Buffington-Bates

Hi Crystal,

I thought about the format when I read your response.  I never changed it when I published to Articulate 360.  The default was HTML5/Flash for fallback and I never changed it.  I republished and changed to Flash only but my browser gave me an error message (Chrome doesn't support ) My version of Chrome is (61.0.3163) . Anyway, I changed to Flash/HTML5, zipped and published to Scorm Cloud.  I sent to a colleague as well to see if he saw the blur.  Take a look at the scorm cloud version.  Any different for you?  To be honest, I've looked at this so much I think my eyes are blurred anyway.  HAHAHA


Thanks so much for hanging in her with me on this!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cassandra,

I'm with you on these blurry issues...my eyes start to play tricks on me! Between that and different monitor, resolutions, etc. who knows what we're seeing... 😀 

I figured the best method was to take a screenshot of your course next to Crystal's published course, as it sounds like that one wasn't blurry? 

Take a look at this screenshot: 


I linked it and inserted it...cause when it's small like above it does look blurry - but not when I open it in a new browser window. 🙃  So you tell me what you think of those...and we'll keep going from there.... 

Crystal Horn

Hi Cassandra.  I wanted to let you know that I'm reporting this issue to our team since I was able to reproduce it in a new file with other interaction types.  

For now, the only workaround I can offer is to publish with Flash first, and to view the content in a Flash-enabled browser for the most crisp view of the images included in steps.  I'll update you in this discussion with any changes to this behavior.

Thanks so much for troubleshooting this issue with me!