Glossary Image Preview

Feb 16, 2012

I have built a glossary and uploaded images for my copies of business forms used on the job.  Before I upload, the image quality is great.  However, after I have published the glossary, the images become cloudy or foggy.  Is there any fix for this?  Is it the compression?  Any help is great appreciated. 

FYI...the images are PDF's saved as a JPEG.  Most forms are 8.5 x 11 (normal paper size) if that makes a difference.


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Brad Meyerhoff


Thanks for the tips and the cheat sheet.  I used the "How to prevent scaling your PNG files" article.  This seemed to help quite a bit.  I was hoping to get a large clear image for viewing the document types they will encounter.  By locking the presentation at optimal size, the clarity was better, but the image size was smaller than I would like.  But I would rather have more clarity than a blurry document.

Thanks for your help!


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