Glossary Label - Simplified Chinese

I am translating a course, all slides, audio, interactions and quizzes, into Simplified Chinese.

The one part I cannot get to change  is the Label associated with a translated Glossary.

I took the existing English Glossary, copied and pasted it, renamed, then changed all the entries to Simplified Chinese, and inserted into the presentation as a Player Tab.

My PC is set to be Simplified Chinese, I am using SimSun font  throughout (Arial Unicode seems not to be the best choice), yet when I try and use the PowerPoint > Articulate > Engage Interaction > Player Tabs > Edit Label option, it just puts in ??????????????? when I try and paste the Chinese Title in.  It displays as per this first graphic when published, and starts out like the second graphic.

This is the ONLY remaining error - I could appreciate some ideas please to cure, driving me mad now!!!!


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Bruce Graham

Could I humbly say the word "bug"?

It's not very good having the option of Simplified Chinese built in to the product, yet the inability to run a (standard) feature without hacking the .xml code, (IMHO)!

Any danger of getting a fix, on the basis I have around another 107 courses to go in this translation series?