"Grid" Interaction

Jul 05, 2011

Hi all,

Whilst I appreciate that it is not available in Engage '09, (but here's hoping for Storyline, or AP'11....), I need an interaction that is a "grid".

I need about 12 "Titles" across the top, and about 12 "attributes" down the side, I then need to have students drag one of 3 x 1-letter options into each cell.

Each cell is split by a line diagonally bottom-left to top-right).

When they have completed their choices, I need have the "recommended" set of entries light up in the empty half of each cell, so that they can compare their judgement to the recommendation.

Anybody know of anyone who has something like this, or alternatively, I will take quotations from any clever Flash programming bunnies out there (by Private message only though please...)



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Kayla Burtch

What if you made them a series of fill in the blanks? The "Grid" Continues, and they fill in each box. They can't continue to the next box until they get it right (or alternatively, if they get it wrong, feedback pops up and the correct answer is inserted)

Just as a back up in case those Flash Bunnies don't come through.

Bruce Graham

Thanks Kayla, and yes, I thought about that.

Here's the thing....

There are no "right" answers, just "recommended" answers; it's all about what characteristics you would look for in a particular circumstance, and that does differ between people.

I think this is the one situation where I need a good pre-built and robust alternative to OOTB functionality.

Thanks again, and congrats on your (next) 100th post


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