Help needed!


I am having a bit of trouble with both Engage and Quizmaker.  Setting up new interactions works fine - I am able to edit and save as per normal.  However, when I go to 'Edit in Engage' the following prompt appears "Unable to access interaction (interaction name).intr.  Please locate the interaction.

I am aware that this happens when a file has been moved or misplaced, however this appears instantly after setting up an interaction.  Further to this, when I locate the file that has just been created, The prompt just re-appears and the interaction does not load.  I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling the software, however this has not done anything to fix the problem.  

Is anyone able to help me out with a possible solution to this?

Note: I am using the trial version of Studio 09, Powerpoint 2007 and I am running Windows on my MAC using Parallels.

Thanks in advance.


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