Hot spots in Articulate....

I have a client who wants to stay with Articulate and has various interactions - simple click-and-reveal - see attached example where learned clicks on each topic and then sees a short list of bullets.

I see how to do hot spots in PPT that take me to a new slide for every interaction. I see Engage interactions that are pre-designed. Is there a way to use custom objects in an Engage interaction. I've looked for a 'screen view' option but don't see it. 

This would be a piece of cake in SL, but in Articulate am I missing something obvious??

Any help will be appreciated!



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Carrie Eaton

Yes, that would accomplish much the same thing, but we're hoping to keep the current layout because we're building on it and it's tied into other elements in the course. What we really need is a way to design our own screens for the we can in  SL!? Sigh.....

Thanks, Crystal!!

Carrie Eaton

No kidding....what a difference it would make in what we can do!?

I'm  trying to determine what her concerns are about moving to SL. She's in corporation that has a license to A360, so it's not that cost. I think she's concerned that she won't have a PPT file that she can edit in the future. I'm talking with her about how we could use Review 360 to easily document changes.

One additional question far I haven't installed Studio 360 because I'm concerned developing in 360 would mean that she then can't open the PPT in Studio that correct?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carrie,

If she has an Articulate 360 license, you'd both be able to open the files in Storyline 360, so any edits she'd need to make could be done there. Anything created in Storyline won't be able to be converted back to a Powerpoint format.

As for Studio '13 and 360, you can only have one installed at a time as it's a Powerpoint add-on. Also, anything created in Articulate 360 can't be opened in an earlier version of Studio ('13 or '09) or Storyline (1 or 2). Compatibility between Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 is outlined here.