How do I edit/delete the link in the upper right corner?

I've never noticed it before, but on publishing a 40 slide CBT (PPT>Presenter>w/2 Engage slides), I am getting a link in the upper-most right corner that opens the second of my Engage slides in a seperate window.  The Engage slide is a second-level slide, which is only important in that the link in the upper right corner is the name of the first level slide of that section.

How can I delete this link? Did I do something to make it appear? If I can't delete it, can I at least edit it?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Brian Batt

Hi Ann & welcome to Heroes,

To remove an Engage interaction tab from your course, use the method below: 

1. Select Articulate –> Engage Interactions to launch the Quizzes and Interactions dialog. 

2. Select the Player Tabs option. 

3. Click the title of the interaction you’d like to remove from your course. 

4. Click the Remove button to remove the interaction from your course. 

5. Click Yes to confirm your choice or No to cancel. This cannot be undone (but you can reinsert the interaction). 

Your interaction will be removed as a tab from your course, but the interaction itself will not be deleted.