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James Brown

This is identical to linking to an image on your local website. Generally on a webpage you will have folder with the index.html which is the starting page. Inside of that are folders including documents, etc. 

When you are linking, you do not actually use a drive letter. Instead you use abbreviations that tell the program where to begin searching for whatever it is you want to link to.

Say in my example I want to link to the Document1 PDF from the Index.html file. To do that I could write the link in two fashions. 




The only difference between the two is that the ../ means to go up one directory level and then begin looking for whatever it is you are looking for.  In this case it would be look for a folder named documents and then find the documents1.pdf.

If you use ../../ it means to go up two directory structure levels. ../../../ would mean go up three directory structures.

I.e. to link to the DOCUMENT3.PDF you would use the ../../TEMP/DOCUMENT3.PDF